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tbh croatia are fucking boss (at bumming)

tbh croatia are fucking boss (at bumming)

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I'm not ashamed to say, i ranted and raved and screamed and was mightily pissed off at England tonight, because, unlike some people, I care about my country.
What i don't care for is typical, 'we're shit, but we reckon we're boss. with all our boss players, we should raping teams like croatia up the arse' mentality. And the 'find a scapegoat and make his life hell' idea. The horrible fact is, tonight, Gerrard was raped up the arse, by that scrawny little non-jewish-looking-benayoun rat of a midfield magician Modric. And the croatian defenders let Crouch win the ball, and then made sure they won the second ball, so every flick on was as useless as Micah Richards.
Another horrible fact is it wasn't McClaren's fault- some players were just bad. Wayne Bridge is probably crying right now, perhaps being offered a cheer-up nosh by his extremely fit girlfriend, Scott Carson likewise. But face it lads, even getting her in the eye isn't gonna help you now- and in all honesty, you'd probably miss and get her hair which would just be messy. Bridge was inches from an own-goal which would have capped off his night, Carson's kicking (forget the error, that can happen to anyone) was shit. Losing possession every time was very costly, particulary in the second half when we sacked off a holding midfielder which was basically like taking a load of poppers and taking off our pants and bending over to examine the shit pitch right in front of a load of greasy-haired thrusting croats, with throbbing-erect-penis-like waves of penetratory attacks. Campbell and Lescott will struggle to sit down tomorrow. and Carson's handling, it has been suggested, was sloppy due to Niko Kovac's masses of slimey jizz.
Evvveryone is calling for McClaren's head, from people that don't know anything about football, to people who don't know even more about football. And to me. I think he should leave. Not because of this qualification campaign, not as some sort of punishment for giving us all something to moan about and giving us all someone to hate, christ he should be knighted. Without him, who would we be pissed off at in the football world. Would no-one be under pressure? Would we praise our national team for playing well?! No- we'd say how we didn't deserve to get through- when if u did get through- i.e collected the points required to beat other teams- you clearly did deserve to go through. The table doesn't lie. If we'd beaten Croatia today, we would rightly take our place at the finals. Oh but we did it the hard way. We scraped it. 
It doesn't matter if we had to buy our way into the finals by killing a load of dogs and turning them into one giant dead stuffed dog for a billionaire with a dog fetish and a magic passage to the finals. Performing this task (just like performing the task of winning games) merits a place in the final, idiots. Its ends justifying means. Its football, not strictly come to play football and get voted into Euro 2008 by old women and gays. It's a results business.
McClaren didn't get the results, but if i was convinced he could do next time. I would keep him. But i'm not. If the FA chief exec, is convinced he can- then fair enough. Lets give him a chance. Maybe the country would do well, if we had a bit of belief, if we didn't love a good moan and love coming up with ever-more elaborate insults and ways to ruin the lives of people that lost a football match.
Maybe if rather than blame the first face we see, we realised Croatia are a very good side, and maybe if we spread the blame to the players, then the job would be easier in the future. They say it's a poisoned chalice, the England job. Given the people of England, and their many bandwagons, and their little ladders that help them onto the bandwagons, and their cretinous newspaper editors of the sun and mirror etc, i'd say it was more like being bummed.
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